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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 14h00 (1039))
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Flying high

Better hold tight
(Fuaran, Inari, pic#A49A7683)

Fuzzy critters in the Air

What's better than drifting through the clouds with a friend
(Fuaran, Inari, pic#A49A7684)

Economy seats

I'm feeling a bit compressed, next time we book premium.
(Fuaran, Inari, pic#A49A7691)

Trust your navigator

I have the map, I say where to go!
(Fuaran, Inari, pic#A49A7695)


NO, that's the wrong direction! But I want to fly that way.
(Fuaran, Inari, pic#A49A7698)


Fuaran and Inari are doing a good job in the cockpit
(Fuaran, Inari, pic#A49A7703)


Everything is packed and we are ready for travelling
(Fuaran, Inari, pic#A49A7710)