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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 13h45 (1082))
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Encounter in the skies

Stop fooling around and get back into the balloon!
(Akahito, Larissa, Shiryu, pic#A49A7582)

Board service

Our courteous crew will provide you with all sorts of refreshments
(Akahito, Larissa, Shiryu, pic#A49A7603)


We didn't break it!
(Akahito, Larissa, Shiryu, pic#A49A7613)

Roaming the Skies

A natural habitat for dragons
(Akahito, Larissa, Shiryu, pic#A49A7630)

Dragon Duo

Come close, they will not bite...much
(Akahito, Shiryu, pic#A49A7645)


Larissa is camouflaged perfectly in the skies
(Akahito, Larissa, pic#A49A7652)

Dragon Trio

One more group photo
(Akahito, Larissa, Shiryu, pic#A49A7657)

Dragon Trio

Still on the ground
(Akahito, Larissa, Shiryu, pic#A49A7664)

Dragons on tour

We only packed the essentials
(Akahito, Larissa, Shiryu, pic#A49A7676)