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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 13h00 (1314))
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Ploddy over the clouds

Getting chilly!
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7298)


Getting higher!
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7299)

In flight

Need a blanket?
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7312)


Stow them in the overhead compartments
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7315)

Captain Ploddy

Papa Lima Delta Delta Yankee, Heavy, Requesting for Landing
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7320)

Oh shoot!

I got the fish!
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7322)


This doesnt look normal!
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7328)

Ploddy Brayer

Ploddy Brayer
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7335)

Yummy yummy

Checklists in my tummy
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7340)

Captain Ploddy

Checklist checking!
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7345)

Ploddy Brayer

Crisp Brown and white donkey!
(Ploddy Brayer, pic#A49A7356)