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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 12h40 (1841))
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Above the clouds

All I see is fog!
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7237)

Calculating Waypoints

14 to go!
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7243)

First Class

(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7245)

Stowing luggage

Don't leave them in the aisle!
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7250)

We landed!

Getting up! Beware of the cramps
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7254)

Captain Gideon

Mayday! Golf India Delta Echo Oscar November , requesting emergency landing!
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7255)

Rolling it

No choice!
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7257)

Final checks

How heavy is this again?
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7265)

Captain Klaus

Alright! Lets do this!
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7274)

Gideon Klaus

(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7276)

Gieon Klaus

Checking Time
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7280)

Gideon Klaus

He said what?
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7285)


Like in 1920
(Gideon Klaus, pic#A49A7290)