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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 12h30 (1988))
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Eridian and Skrat

Over the Clouds
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7202)

Hiding in basket

Afraid of heights?
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7204)

Flying studies

Checking waypoints
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7206)

Flying with class

No suit and tie needed
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7209)


Using two seats? Come on!
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7211)

Flying together

Comfy flying
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7214)

Relaxed trip

Going to a vacation together?
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7217)

Eridian and Skrat

Mile high comfort!
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7222)

Eridian and Skrat

Snugs included
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7224)


Testing sturdiness
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7226)

Eridian and Skrat

(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7229)

Eridian & Skrat

Buddy picture pose!
(Eridian, Skrat, pic#A49A7231)