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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 12h00 (1202))
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Shadow & Renga

Luggage? Check - Flap? Check
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7086)


(Renga Akamaru, pic#A49A7087)

In Flight Service

"ill get the whole bottle please!"
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7089)

Time for meal!

Chicken or Pastas?
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7092)


We should go to that Eurofurence place!
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7097)


All ready for Takeoff
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7102)


All seems okay! Good to go!
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7104)


You sure we got enough fuel?
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7112)

Lets get crazy

Ready for the loop de loop?
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7113)

Captain Renga

This is Romeo Echo November Golf Alpha, HEAVY, ready for takeoff
(Shadow, pic#A49A7116)

Relaxing flight

Riding the baloon together!
(Renga Akamaru, Shadow, pic#A49A7125)