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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 19h30 (6931))
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Hold me!

Don't worry, I have everything under control
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1459)

Do not talk to the pilot

How are you guys are doing?
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1463)

Guys, the plane is coming apart!!!

Hold it just a bit longer, we are amost there
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1467)

Excellent board service

May I offer you some drink?
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1470)

All gone

You have eaten everything I had!
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1476)

Misty Sky

Keanu looks like he wants to catch the clouds
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1482)

What are you doing?

Get back into the balloon at once!
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1486)


Packed everthing we need
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1489)

No idea

How should this work?
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1491)

Checking the packing list

Where is the rest of the plane?
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1495)


We can still see you
(CeCilion, Keanu, Taka, pic#A49A1499)