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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 19h10 (6575))
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To boldly go...

...over there, just a little further!
(Caroua Grey, Matt_Grey, pic#A49A1432)

Storm rolling in

Oh, I am not sure we should stay up here!
(Caroua Grey, Matt_Grey, pic#A49A1435)

The storm is getting worse!

Well, it is just a local fog rolling in...
(Caroua Grey, Matt_Grey, pic#A49A1438)


Can I interest you in this sparkly water? Because we are all out of the other options.
(Caroua Grey, Matt_Grey, pic#A49A1446)


You talk with air traffic and explain where we found this plane!
(Caroua Grey, Matt_Grey, pic#A49A1449)

Going right?

No, more straight ahead! - OK, let's turn left!
(Caroua Grey, Matt_Grey, pic#A49A1452)

I found this!

It fell off the plane when we got aboard. Do we need it?
(Caroua Grey, Matt_Grey, pic#A49A1455)


Hugs! All around!
(Caroua Grey, Matt_Grey, pic#A49A1457)