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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 18h10 (6903))
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From above

I can see all the furries down there
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1272)

I can see you

You can't hide from me
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1276)

Dog Toys

Never fly without your ball
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1279)

Checking the menu

Where are the dog treats?
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1282)

Ready for take off

Everthing is at its place
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1284)

Entertaining the passengers

Doing some tricks while flying is a real challenge
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1289)


Can I get some assembly instructions?
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1291)

That feels wrong

Let's check the instructions again
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1296)


Everything has been packed
(GShepJake, pic#A49A1299)