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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 18h00 (6818))
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Checking in

That bag is only slightly oversized...
(Asha, Luki Saluki, pic#A49A1237)

Enjoying the trip

Let's enjoy our holiday together, shall we?
(Asha, Luki Saluki, pic#A49A1240)


Oh, yes please!
(Asha, Luki Saluki, pic#A49A1243)

Say when!

Keep it coming, I am thirsty!
(Asha, Luki Saluki, pic#A49A1247)


Hey, you might at least ask for directions, yes?
(Asha, Luki Saluki, pic#A49A1249)

Oh no!

Who let you on the wheel...thingy?
(Asha, Luki Saluki, pic#A49A1253)

Heading for adventure

Once we are past that storm, we should see Berlin!
(Asha, Luki Saluki, pic#A49A1259)

Stop complaining!

You wanted to go out for a walk! Next time, think where we are before!
(Asha, Luki Saluki, pic#A49A1267)