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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 17h45 (6701))
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The group is out for adventure!
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1196)

What way?

Not sure which way to head? Don't ask us, we are still looking for it too...
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1199)

I can see ants...

...better gain some altitude!
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1203)

Come fly with us!

In our beautiful baloooooon!
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1209)


Why yes, please!
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1214)

I got good and bad news....

...good news: we'll be landing soon. Bad news: We get no choice in where.
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1217)

Is this part important?

This just fell off.... you think we can still fly without it?
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1220)

I just put this away...

...maybe we can glue it?
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1222)


Landings aren't as easy as I thought!
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1226)


...if you don't hurry, we will miss our connecting flight!
(Hyro, Lisan, Toffi, pic#A49A1231)

This is more like it!

Finally some light baggage!
(Hyro, pic#A49A1234)