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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 17h30 (6551))
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I'm the king of the world!!! Also this basked smells funny...?
(Joey, pic#A49A1158)

Getting high Yes, highER. What did you think?
(Joey, pic#A49A1160)

Look at that!

That cloud looks like my mom!
(Joey, pic#A49A1162)

Berlin is there!

Can't you see? Right down there! Darn cloud!
(Joey, pic#A49A1166)

Two seats?

What two seats? Are you calling me fat?
(Joey, pic#A49A1169)

Oh my!

He did what? No way! OMG!
(Joey, pic#A49A1173)

Dead tree entertainment

At least there's snacks to go with it!
(Joey, pic#A49A1175)


Worms! My favorite!
(Joey, pic#A49A1179)

Off to the airport!

See you next year!
(Joey, pic#A49A1180)

Who packed bricks?

Hnnnngghh! Next time, I do the packing myself!
(Joey, pic#A49A1188)