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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 17h20 (6362))
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What a nice day

Perfect weather for a little round!
(Sèamus Ò Tuathail, pic#A49A1118)

Check list?

Why I only pay by card...
(Sèamus Ò Tuathail, pic#A49A1120)

Hard left!

Coming in behind the red baron!
(Sèamus Ò Tuathail, pic#A49A1124)

Oh my!

He did what?! How rude!
(Sèamus Ò Tuathail, pic#A49A1131)


...well, sorta. If you give me a hand, I could even walk away from it.
(Sèamus Ò Tuathail, pic#A49A1135)

Can I just leave this here?

Honestly, you don't need to check the rest of the plane... please?
(Sèamus Ò Tuathail, pic#A49A1142)

Hello down below!

Just passing by up here!
(Sèamus Ò Tuathail, pic#A49A1150)

I see people!

Also, can I land down there?
(Sèamus Ò Tuathail, pic#A49A1151)