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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 16h30 (6703))
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Tight fit!

Or is that a thigh fit?
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A0983)

Self service?

What will airlines think of next to cheap out?
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A0988)


Can I interest you in a glass of sparkly water?
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A0990)


Urp! Where did you learn to fly? - Learn?
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A0992)


Are you sure you can fly?
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A0997)

Hang on!

I shouldn't have picked fish for lunch!
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A0998)

Oh no!

Why are you afraid? Flying isn't so hard, see? I never had a lesson in my life!
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A1001)

Berlin is over there!

Just beneath that cloud!
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A1004)

Umm... help?

Please? - Why are you even out there?
(Ari, Sotix Shep, pic#A49A1008)


Flying Critter!
(Sotix Shep, pic#A49A1013)

Scouting the sky

...with some headwind
(Ari, pic#A49A1015)


Flying critter
(Ari, pic#A49A1019)