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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 15h40 (5120))
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I think I can see the pirates, we are hard on their trail! Stop goofing around!
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0836)


...some bad weather is rolling in here!
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0844)

I say...

we go higher! No, land! Now!
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0846)


Can I interest you in this nice sparkly refreshment?
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0848)


The service in these cheap flights is getting worse and worse...
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0854)

BER is over there!

Well, part of it, at least!
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0860)


We are not at the air race here, could you level the plane please?
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0863)


Ummm... Did I pass my flight exam?
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0869)

I'll just wait here...

...for the fire truck. Maybe they'll take us to the terminal?
(Phaxx, Willion, pic#A49A0872)