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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 15h10 (5493))
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I wonder... my stocks are doing?
(Jokull, pic#A49A0749)

This is your caption speaking...

...we are now ready for takeoff, so please assume the crash positions!
(Jokull, pic#A49A0751)


I can fly this thing all by myself!
(Jokull, pic#A49A0755)

Nose down!

No, not yours! The plane!
(Jokull, pic#A49A0757)


Told you so! You should have turned left not right!
(Jokull, pic#A49A0762)

Come on in!

Why don't you join me in my balloon ride?
(Jokull, pic#A49A0769)


Touchy touchy! Those clouds look soooo fluffy!
(Jokull, pic#A49A0771)

Getting worried...

...that weather looks like it's getting worse!
(Jokull, pic#A49A0774)


I think I have enough storm for now, thanks! It can go away now!
(Jokull, pic#A49A0776)