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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 15h00 (5637))
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Not only the stock of Air Berlin are in free fall!
(Yotie Coyote, pic#A49A0718)

Collision alert!

There's a huge coyote at 12! Look out!
(Evil Yotie, Yotie Coyote, pic#A49A0721)

Reading up

Oh, my... What's the word about Eurofurence?
(Yotie Coyote, pic#A49A0723)


He did what??!
(Yotie Coyote, pic#A49A0724)

Oh, nice!

The guy next to me? I stuffed him into the suitcase. Why?
(Evil Yotie, pic#A49A0727)


Yes, please!
(Evil Yotie, Yotie Coyote, pic#A49A0730)


Yummy! Those will go well with the water...
(Evil Yotie, Yotie Coyote, pic#A49A0732)

Flying hiiiiigh!

...above the clouds! Darn tiny planes...
(Yotie Coyote, pic#A49A0735)


Helloooo! I think you may be experiencing some turbulence!
(Yotie Coyote, pic#A49A0737)

Come here you!

Let's fly away together, shall we?
(Evil Yotie, pic#A49A0740)


Wheee! Fly little plane, fly!
(Evil Yotie, pic#A49A0745)