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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 12h10 (5922))
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Up there!

...where life is free!
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0180_1)


Well, why did they put the check in counters all the way over there?!
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0187_1)

Drop off?

Can I put that in my carry on?
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0189_1)

Tiny seats

Well, it beats flying yourself. Long distance at least.
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0194_1)


Interesting! It's almost like real flying!
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0197_1)


Flight control? I would like to land... no? Well, I can always get out and land without this tin can?!
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0200_1)

Coming in!

This landing might get hard!
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0203_1)

Over where?

I don't think I can see it from here?!
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0209_1)


I think I better pick a place to land...
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0215_1)

On the other hand...

Maybe I can get high enough to fly above the storm?
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0223_1)


I made it! Down to earth again!
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0230_1)


Yes, I do? Why does that appear on a checklist?
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0238_1)

Studying the map

Let's see: turn left at Berlin airport, then straight ahead...
(Art-Gryphon, pic#A49A0243_1)