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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 19h45 (4596))
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Feeling good

That's how I like flying
(Willion, pic#A49A0306)


Faster, Faster!!
(Willion, pic#A49A0308)

Better not look

That mountain is getting pretty close
(Willion, pic#A49A0315)


I have some strange feeling in my tummy
(Willion, pic#A49A0320)


Better keep that far away
(Willion, pic#A49A0325)


I didn't break it!
(Willion, pic#A49A0328)

Airplane parts

This thing will not fly anymore
(Willion, pic#A49A0332)

Cat in a bag?

That's not just a bag...
(Willion, pic#A49A0336)

... it's a plane!

James Bond would love it
(Willion, pic#A49A0339)


Flying will be fun
(Ronja, Willion, pic#A49A0342)

Flying dog

Willion does not look very relaxed
(Ronja, Willion, pic#A49A0346)

There we go

Seems like this will be an unpleasant flight for Ronja
(Ronja, Willion, pic#A49A0352)

Water for the dog

Do you want a glas or a bowl?
(Ronja, Willion, pic#A49A0356)