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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 19h00 (4240))
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Found my place

Waiting for takeoff
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0136)

Oh, service!

Can I have some water please?
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0139)

You don't say!

He did what?! Oh my!
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0141)


On my way to the airport...
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0144)

I can see Berlin!

If the winds keep up, I shall be there for the closing ceremony!
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0147)

Oh my!

I hope there's no mountain hiding in these clouds!
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0151)

Going up!

Need to lose some weight! Now!
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0155)

Changing course

Heading over to 3-2-0 now!
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0161)


Sparky or flat?
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0165)

If it fits...

...I still don't get why the felines keep fuzzing about this...
(Aurora Xepter, pic#A49A0167)