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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 18h20 (4536))
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Flying Fox

What should I do?
(Fauho, pic#A49A0065)

Spy Fox

Observing from above
(Fauho, pic#A49A0069)

So close

How do clouds feel?
(Fauho, pic#A49A0072)

Loosing some weight

Still a long way to go
(Fauho, pic#A49A0078)

Come fly with me

You will get a cuddly fox for free
(Fauho, pic#A49A0081)


Reading some EF news before take-off
(Fauho, pic#A49A0084)


Let's drink to the pilot
(Fauho, pic#A49A0087)

Captain Fauho

Steering gently to keep the passengers happy
(Fauho, pic#A49A0091)

Preparing to land

"Fauho to Tower: clear the runway, I'm coming in!"
(Fauho, pic#A49A0093)

The fox has landed

... in some way
(Fauho, pic#A49A0095)