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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 13h00 (3893))
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What a view!

This ride is well worth it!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9012)

Hello below!

I don't know if people can see us or not, but let's be polite!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9017)

Over there!

No, slightly more to the right!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9019)

Going up?

Not yet, but very soon!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9022)

Vaccation time!

Boarding completed!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9025)

Where do we head?

Left or right? Up or down? What does the map say?
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9029)


No, the OTHER left!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9036)

Coming in!

...for a landing! Hold on!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9038)


The rundway is more over that way!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9040)

What did you put in there?

Well, we do need the kitchen sink, don't we?
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9043)

That's better!

Much easier if we carry that thing together!
(Pace, Snokami, pic#A49A9047)