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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h30 (3789))
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Happy ride!

Enjoying a nice balloon ride up over the clouds!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8907)

Like ants!

People look so small from up here!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8912)


Hello fellow traveller!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8917)

Loosing some weight

...the easy way!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8922)

Prime seat

With lots of legroom!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8924)

Hmmm! Worms!

Well, the gummy variety anyway.
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8929)

Taking a nap

Do you mind? I booked two seats for a reason!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8933)

Much better!

Now I can catch some sleep until we land!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8937)

All the news!

...that's fit for print!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8939)

Yellow Press!

Oh my! The details will shock you!
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8941)

This is dragging along...

...why doesn't the airport have these nice luggage carts?
(Niebieski, pic#A49A8946)