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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h10 (3525))
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Stinky and Smelly

Flying above the clouds
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8821)


I think we missed the lake...
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8825)

Too low!

Gotta drop some weight fast!
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8827)

Flying together

Stinky is quite casual about flying!
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8829)

In Flight catering

Candy is the best!
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8835)

Flying instructor

Stinky is losing patience?
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8838)

Flying instructor

Hanging in there... just barely!
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8840)

Swicthing on the engines

About to take off
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8841)

Flying directions

Should we go higher or left?
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8845)


Better listen while flying
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8847)

Heavy Luggage

It said 50lb max!
(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8850)

Stinky and Smelly

(Smelly, Stinky, pic#A49A8856)