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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h30 (2407))
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Just standing here, next to Anubis
(Winged Neko, pic#4A6A9032)

Guard duty

Nobody is to step any closer!
(Winged Neko, pic#4A6A9035)

Oh! Pretty!

Exploring the tomb.
(Winged Neko, pic#4A6A9039)

Sunset Exploration

Ready to go, even if the sun goes down.
(Winged Neko, pic#4A6A9043)


Will you be my friend, Mr. Anubis?
(Sethaa, pic#4A6A9046)


You really think I'm cute?
(Sethaa, pic#4A6A9050)

Let's hide

Shush! Don't tell!
(Sethaa, pic#4A6A9052)


Is that the daily news or the cartoon...
(Sethaa, pic#4A6A9056)

A sarcophagus?

Oh no, who might it be?
(Sethaa, pic#4A6A9057)

Let's check!

On the count of three, we'll open it!
(Sethaa, Winged Neko, pic#4A6A9061)


Come here, you!
(Sethaa, Winged Neko, pic#4A6A9063)

Just posing

Tourists do as tourists do.
(Sethaa, Winged Neko, pic#4A6A9066)


Palms at the ready? Fight!
(Sethaa, Winged Neko, pic#4A6A9069)