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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 15h30 (1778))
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Its me, Drul!
(Drul, pic#4A6A6051)


Who is hiding behind the plants
(Drul, pic#4A6A6053)

Poscard from Egypt

Me and my pal Anubis
(Drul, pic#4A6A6056)

Oh Glory!

Bask in the glory that is Anubis!
(Drul, pic#4A6A6058)


Druls looks cool
(Drul, pic#4A6A6062)


(Drul, pic#4A6A6065)

Swinging the whip

Just waiting for the right moment
(Drul, pic#4A6A6073)


Exploring the old remains of a long gone civilization
(Drul, pic#4A6A6074)

Proud Explorer

Presenting his discovery
(Drul, pic#4A6A6076)

What is that?

More secrets to reveal
(Drul, pic#4A6A6078)

Looks precious

Did it just move a bit?
(Drul, pic#4A6A6080)


(Drul, pic#4A6A6084)


Lets improve this place with some new decoaration
(Drul, pic#4A6A6087)

Every temple needs some palms

If Anubis approves the new style?
(Drul, pic#4A6A6092)

The gods are not amused

Drul nearly got hit by a falling palm
(Drul, pic#4A6A6095)

That is mine

Get your own palm for cuddling
(Drul, pic#4A6A6096)