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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 14h45 (1477))
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Belly rubs

Anubis seems to like it
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5920)

Kneel down

Is that a tribute or a foot inspection?
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5923)

Over here!

Move that light over here, I can't read the map!
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5925)


Gumdrop is engrossed in some old texts
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5929)


Do not poke me with that thing
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5934)


Is Bladewolf taken by the curse of the mummy?
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5936)


Or does he just like to chase Gumdrop around
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5937)

Fighting back

Who needs swords when you can have large inflatable palms
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5947)


Luckily the palms did not that much
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5948)

Asking for a favour

Bladewolf seems he could get used to that
(Bladewolf, Gumdrop, pic#4A6A5953)