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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 19h30 (6558))
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Cute, but rawr still!
(Fenny, pic#4A6A1474)

Fixin' stuff

They didn't write an ending into their story, let me fix it!
(Fenny, pic#4A6A1476)


Do you spell "end" with one ankh or two?
(Fenny, pic#4A6A1478)


There seems to be a secret entrance to a treasure cave...
(Fenny, pic#4A6A1479)


Ummm... yes, sit!
(Fenny, Luckyesel, pic#4A6A1482)

You can let go now...

...seriously, please let go?
(Fenny, Luckyesel, pic#4A6A1484)


Rubber palm tree fight: GO!
(Fenny, Luckyesel, pic#4A6A1487)


Who is winning? No idea, but it looks fun!
(Fenny, Luckyesel, pic#4A6A1490)

Look at that!

What? The expiration date of the mummy? Or the part about the curse?
(Fenny, Luckyesel, pic#4A6A1497)