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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 18h45 (6961))
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Just hanging out next to Anubis!
(Gweincalar, Tommy, pic#4A6A1367)

Hold my hand

...or both of them even.
(Gweincalar, Tommy, pic#4A6A1370)


Pretty please? With sugar on top and a cherry?
(Gweincalar, Tommy, pic#4A6A1373)

The gang

Hanging out with Anubis in the tomb
(Damian, Doge, Hades, Tommy, pic#4A6A1377)

Mummy attack!

Oh no! It's alive! Quick!
(Damian, Doge, Hades, Tommy, pic#4A6A1382)

Mummy attack! (dark version)

Oh no! It's alive! Quick!
(Damian, Doge, Hades, Tommy, pic#4A6A1387)

Oh no!

The mummy awakens!
(Damian, Doge, Hades, Tommy, pic#4A6A1388)

The gang #2

Hanging out - what are you doing down there, this is not looking cool!
(Damian, Doge, Gweincalar, Hades, Tommy, pic#4A6A1396)