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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 15h00 (5159))
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Aw snap!

Missed that peasant!
(Itsy, Sunrise, pic#4A6A0929)

The new king

Am I holding htese right?
(Itsy, pic#4A6A0931)

Let's see... mummy...and one curse?
(Itsy, pic#4A6A0935)


Bow before my, royal subject!
(Sunrise, pic#4A6A0941)


Where does it say "treasure map"?
(Sunrise, pic#4A6A0943)

Stand back!

I'll take care of this undead mummy!
(Itsy, Sunrise, pic#4A6A0947)

Back you go!

Don't you dare come out of your sarcophagus again!
(Itsy, Sunrise, pic#4A6A0949)


Look at the details: this must have been a relative of the king?
(Itsy, Sunrise, pic#4A6A0950)

Ceremonial Mask

Let's get you all dressed and then perform the death ritual...
(Itsy, Sunrise, pic#4A6A0953)