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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 12h20 (5496))
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Hey look!

There's a sarcophagus over there!
(Dukory, YUGO, pic#4A6A0487)


Nosebeep egyptian style!
(Dukory, YUGO, pic#4A6A0490)


Selfie time! What else would you do in a temple?
(Dukory, YUGO, pic#4A6A0492)


I bet your outline will look great right here!
(Dukory, YUGO, pic#4A6A0494)


I think there's mention of a curse around here!
(Dukory, YUGO, pic#4A6A0497)

It got dark

...rather quickly around here, didn't it?
(Dukory, YUGO, pic#4A6A0500)

Beach time!

Even without any water, let's enjoy a day in the sand!
(Dukory, YUGO, pic#4A6A0504)

The King

Please accept my humble gift!
(Dukory, YUGO, pic#4A6A0506)