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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 16h20 (4008))
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Asyr and Night

casual posing
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0002)

The Tiger's cave

Guarding the royal prince
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0007)

Royal guard

Don't come any closer!
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0010)

Ready to fight!

About to get that cane from you!
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0012)


Yeeessss! so close to the treasure!
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0014)

Deep Exploration

I wonder what is inside
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0017)

The Mask

Legend says Great power to who wears this mask
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0019)

Drawing on walls, just like that!
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0026)

Palm Trees!

(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0029)

Back off!

The treasure is all mine!
(Asyr Delgato, Night, pic#4A6A0034)