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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 15h40 (3512))
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At least 2000 years...

...if not 2500, according to my measurements!
(Furan Ircas, Tshania, pic#4A6A9899)


There's some unknown substance in this jar!
(Furan Ircas, Tshania, pic#4A6A9903)


Google translate is failing me.
(Furan Ircas, Tshania, pic#4A6A9917)

The king!

This might be how the ancient culture guarded their king?
(Furan Ircas, Tshania, pic#4A6A9921)

Quick, hide!

The natives are coming!
(Furan Ircas, Tshania, pic#4A6A9927)

Blending in...

...well, it's worth a try, maybe they won't notice us!
(Furan Ircas, Tshania, pic#4A6A9934)


The curse of the mummy!
(Tshania, pic#4A6A9943)

Oh no!

Stay back! Don't get any ideas!
(Furan Ircas, Tshania, pic#4A6A9949)