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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 15h10 (3444))
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Timmy and Anubis

A fox and an ancient dog god
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9752)

Timmy and Anubis

Both with pointy black ears
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9758)

Admiring Anubis

Have a closer look
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9762)


Into the dark tomb
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9769)

Who lies in there?

Deciphering the ancient readings
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9774)

Wrapped up

Just found some old bandages
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9776)


That kind of walking is pretty tiring
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9785)

Cleaning up

Somebody scribbled grafitti all around
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9789)


Just deleted some history
(Feral 'Timmy' Fox, pic#4A6A9792)