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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h20 (3080))
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May I introduce you to Anubis
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9241)


Don't hurt me
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9246)

Don't you dare

to use that whip on me
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9251)

Stay there!

Or I will scorch your badages
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9254)

Hold still

I will cut you free
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9259)

Going silly

Playing with palms
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9261)


Luckily that palms don't hurt (much)
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9263)


Marktourius and Keyjin
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9271)

Hurry up!

We have to finish that painting before the archaeologists come
(Keyjin, Marktourius, pic#4A6A9274)