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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h10 (3394))
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Standing still

Schwarmoor makes a great Statue
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9197)

Guarding Anubis

Looking handsome
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9200)

Guarding Anubis

Don't come any closer!
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9203)

Doing some Magic

For now you can still see Anubis, but when I lift my my cape he will be gone
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9205)


That whip does not work right
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9207)

Hold still

Some makeup for Anubis?
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9211)

Let me fix

That does not look right
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9213)

Suddenly tangled up

How did that happen?
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9216)

Getting rid of it

Though the stripes kind of suits
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9218)

Playing mummy

I can still use the wrapping to scare some tourists
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9225)

It's getting dark in here

Better light a torch
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9227)

Gleamy Anubis

Bringing light into the dark
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9232)


Having a closer look at the old paintings
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9234)

Bear with scarf

It can get pretty chilly in that tombs
(Schwarzmoor, pic#4A6A9239)