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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Let go! It's my turn now!
(Tambako, Zunami, pic#4A6A1232)

Tree hugging

Expert level: Medium.
(Tambako, Zunami, pic#4A6A1234)

Rub rub...

...gonna get those spots removed eventually!
(Tambako, Zunami, pic#4A6A1239)

The offering

Let's hope that the mummy takes our offering kindly!
(Tambako, Zunami, pic#4A6A1241)


Don't come any closer! No! Shoo!
(Tambako, Zunami, pic#4A6A1246)

Stay back!

I'm warning you! I am going to run away screaming any second now!
(Tambako, Zunami, pic#4A6A1248)

Kitty plays?

If you are so fond of these bandages, here, have them all.
(Tambako, Zunami, pic#4A6A1252)