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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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...and get ready to be erased!
(Atari, Jayco, Knuffie, Splash, pic#4A6A0210)


Pick up your tree and fight!
(Jayco, Splash, pic#4A6A0214)


I'm pretty sure they can't see us back here!
(Jayco, Splash, pic#4A6A0217)

Relaxing at the beach

Even if there is just sand. Imagination is key!
(Jayco, Splash, pic#4A6A0222)

Where to?

Does the map give out any hint?
(Jayco, Splash, pic#4A6A0223)

Told you!

See, we should have taken a left turn back there!
(Jayco, Splash, pic#4A6A0226)

Deep toruble

I told you not to go into the tomb. We should have left ages ago!
(Jayco, Splash, pic#4A6A0227)