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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Cats #1

We'll fit, come on in!
(Nessa, Pudge, Sketchkat, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0821)

Cats #2

There is still some room in here!
(Nessa, Pudge, Sketchkat, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0822)

Come on in!

I'm telling you, there's plenty of space in here!
(Nessa, Pudge, Sketchkat, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0823)

One more try

Scoot over, there's room in the living room!
(Nessa, Pudge, Sketchkat, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0825)

Getting cramped

It's getting a bit cramped in here...
(Nessa, Pudge, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0828)


Hey, take your foot out of my stomache!
(Nessa, Pudge, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0829)

We shall fit!

Telling you, this is going to work. Whos spleen is that?
(Nessa, Pudge, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0830)


How'd you get out!? I thought you were in the basement!
(Nessa, Pudge, Sketchkat, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0831)

Good stuff!

Catnip? Maybe not, but it's close!
(Pudge, Slocombe, pic#4A6A0860)

Tree hugging

Expert level: Advanced. Also, catpile!
(Nessa, Pudge, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0866)


Just mind your claws!
(Nessa, Pudge, Sketchkat, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0869)

Are you alright?

That furpile was a bit extreme!
(Nessa, Pudge, Sketchkat, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A0875)

Mummy Cat!

Maybe if we corner him?
(Mausie, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A1412)


I'm pretty sure he cannot see us!
(Mausie, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A1415)

Eternal Feud

Daredevil Mouse
(Mausie, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A1419)

Unsuspecting Trax

Hehe, I plunder everything without someone noticing.
(Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A1424)


Let's have a tomb party.
(Mausie, Slocombe, Trax, pic#4A6A1428)