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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Hi there!

Why don't you join us?
(Sade, Skorg, pic#4A6A0037_1)

Over there!

...I think. Something was moving there.
(Sade, Skorg, pic#4A6A0045_1)

More light!

I still can't make out the details!
(Sade, Skorg, pic#4A6A0051_1)

The new king!

Bow before your mighty king!
(Sade, Skorg, pic#4A6A0054_1)

Tree hugging?

Well, rubber palms are still sort of trees, right?
(Sade, Skorg, pic#4A6A0057_1)


Tree figt, round one!
(Sade, Skorg, pic#4A6A0059_1)