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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Is this the place for the photoshoot?
(Shez, pic#4A6A0507)

Bad grammer

Even back in the days, they couldn't use the right symbols.
(Shez, pic#4A6A0510)


Is that you?
(Shez, pic#4A6A0513)

Best before

Oh, darn. It expired some thousand years ago.
(Shez, pic#4A6A0515)

The king?

Or is it more of "the joker"?
(Shez, pic#4A6A0518)


Run! On second thought, just slowly walk, so I can catch up!
(Shez, pic#4A6A0519)


I think the statue just moved!
(Shez, pic#4A6A0522)


Yes, yes it did move!
(Shez, pic#4A6A0523)

Beach holiday

...sans beach, but there's lots of sand here!
(Shez, pic#4A6A0526)