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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Schnee and Arctic

Two arctic snow foxes in an hot Egyptian temple
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5515)

Nose beep

Wherever you are there is alway time for some nose beeps
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5516)

Nose beep 2

... and the other way round
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5517)

Goup photo with Anubis

Got some equipment and start exploring the temple
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5519)

Praise Anubis

Nice looking pointy ears
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5523)


What have we found?
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5527)

Oh No!

Schnee got trapped in some mystic bandages and turned into a mummy
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5532)

Just fun

He did not turn into a real mummy but like to chase Artic around the temple
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5535)

Looking cute

(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5536)

Good bye

Now I have to find Schnee before he gets lost in the temple ...
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5538)

Dressed up Schnee

.. found him
(Arctic, Schnee, pic#4A6A5541)