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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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We found something
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5726)

What ?!

How do you got into that
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5728)


Just for fun
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5731)

Posing with Anubis

Hey Rowdy ... look to the camera
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5733)

Posing with Anubis

Looks good
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5734)


Nope got some new styling
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5737)

Stay away

or I will cut your wrapping
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5739)

More Mummy

Nope really got in charakter with his role
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5746)

Stay up

That is not for sleeping
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5749)

Some research

Did the old Egyptians really walk like this ?
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5753)


Whre did you found these ???
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5756)

Being silly

Watch out with your palms
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5758)

Apologize for beeing silly

Knee down
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5762)

Apologize even more

Nope could get used to it
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5767)

Group hug

Beeing friends again
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5769)

All together

Holding hands with Anubis
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5772)


That was fund
(Chop, Nope, Rowdy, pic#4A6A5779)