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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Oh my!

I wonder if that is life sized...?
(Ralf, pic#4A6A0445)


Don't ever sneak up on me like that!!
(Ralf, pic#4A6A0446)

Spelling error

And again. I tell you this is not how you spell Anubis!
(Ralf, pic#4A6A0449)


I think it says something about a curse...
(Ralf, pic#4A6A0453)

Darn light

Why did they have to put the mummies in tombs?
(Ralf, pic#4A6A0454)


I'm gonna get you!
(Ralf, pic#4A6A0457)

You can't run

Or maybe you can, but I shall always catch up on you!
(Ralf, pic#4A6A0459)

Do not pass!

Don't get any closer to our god Anubis!
(Ralf, pic#4A6A0461)