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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Drummer Dragon

Make Anubis dance
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9277)

Group Photo

Oraf and Sruhikan with Anubis
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9281)


in a proper Egyptian outfit
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9283)

Light up

Dragons don't need a lighter
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9285)

Show Fight

(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9290)

Show Fight

(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9293)

Ok, write that down

"Me, Sruhikan, great emperor of Egypt ..."
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9297)

No, no!

You are doing it all wrong, delete it!
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9299)


Oraf got a bit irritated from all the writing
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9301)


Be a nice dragon, do not hurt your emperor
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9304)

Drummer dragon

Lets play some music
(Oraf, Sruhikan, pic#4A6A9308)