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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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A sarcophagos

Looks classy
(Dahlia Felis, Monti, pic#4A6A9638)

Cought Anubis

Would he fit in my room?
(Dahlia Felis, Monti, pic#4A6A9642)

Bow down

Being worshipped feels so good
(Dahlia Felis, Monti, pic#4A6A9645)

Found some palms

Please, can we play with them?
(Dahlia Felis, Monti, pic#4A6A9646)

Palm fight

Cats fooling around
(Dahlia Felis, Monti, pic#4A6A9650)

Paying respect

Presenting some gifts for Anubis
(Dahlia Felis, Monti, pic#4A6A9654)