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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Fancy meeting you here!
(Mangluca, pic#4A6A0098_1)

On guard

No, nothing to see around here. Move along!
(Mangluca, pic#4A6A0105_1)

It's getting dark!

Better light a torch!
(Mangluca, pic#4A6A0113_1)

What's that?

Only Anubis nose... err.. knows.
(Mangluca, pic#4A6A0116_1)

The curse

I wonder what magic spell will unlock the power of Anubis
(Mangluca, pic#4A6A0123_1)

Bow before me! I even holding these things right?
(Mangluca, pic#4A6A0126_1)

Rubber tree!

No, really! An actual rubber palm tree!
(Mangluca, pic#4A6A0131_1)


Halloween costume or mummy curse.
(Mangluca, pic#4A6A0136_1)