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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Maho and Munty

Visiting Anubis
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5545)


Two cats worshiping an dog shaped god
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5547)

It is alive!

The old Egyptian indeed burried their cats
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5550)

Mummy Cat gets grumpy

Do not wake up sleeping cats
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5552)


Stay in there
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5554)

Behind you

Munty, watch out !
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5555)


One more step..
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5558)


Old tombs can be a dangerous place
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5560)

Fear me

Do not hurt me
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5562)


Luckily Maho seems to be a friendly mummy cat
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5566)

Bandage Cat

Maho looks more cute than scary
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5570)


What is in your paw?
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5574)

A treat?

Please give it to me
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5575)


Your bandage is tickling my nose
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5579)

Strange discovery

What is that!? A nearly furless creature?
(Maho, Munty, pic#4A6A5585)