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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Fancy meeting you here!
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0974)

Oh, there you are!

Didn't see you with all the fog outside!
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0976)


Reading is easy!
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0978)


Don't disturb the dead!
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0981)

En garde?

What? You try to attack with that puny thing?
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0984)


We found the sand, but where's the pool in this outfit?
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0986)

Look! Nose!

Why are you acting silly again?
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0989)


Bad boy! Don't tamper with the writings!
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0991)

Fix it!

You are not going to go home until you wrote "Anubis is great" 300 times!
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0993)

Ceremonial Mask

I present you the mask of Anubis!
(Luuwaku, Ushay, pic#4A6A0996)