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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Look! Anubis!
(Keetazo, kovu94, pic#4A6A8842)

Treasure hunters

Let's check the sarcophagus too!
(Keetazo, kovu94, pic#4A6A8843)

I don't think...

...that you should take that. He might get angry!
(Keetazo, kovu94, pic#4A6A8846)

There's a draft...

See? I told you there is something off with that sarcophagus.
(Keetazo, kovu94, pic#4A6A8848)


You open it, I'll stab whatever is inside!
(Keetazo, kovu94, pic#4A6A8853)


Palms at the ready? Fight!
(Keetazo, kovu94, pic#4A6A8856)

Where's the beach!

I got my pool toy ready!
(Keetazo, pic#4A6A8864)

The king!

Your highness!
(Keetazo, kovu94, pic#4A6A8868)